What does the application do?

It’s video on demand for essential oils, but instead of only watching videos, you can share them with anyone through text or email.

I only have limited texting.  Will this add to my phone bill?

Not at all.  Everything is done through the application.  When someone receives a text it will be from our dedicated application number.  When someone receives an email, it will be generated from the application.

How often will new content will added?

Almost every week.

What kind of content will there be?

Most, if not all, of the content will be geared towards essential oil education.  From feature films, like Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils, to smaller clips ranging from five minutes to one hour.

When will the IOS version of the app be available?

It is now available!

Will you take the contacts in my account and use them for marketing purposes?

Absolutely not.  By law we are not able to put someone’s email address (or any other contact information) into our database unless they voluntarily subscribe themselves.  The only time we will access your contacts is if there’s a technical issue with your account that needs to be resolved.

What happens when I run out of links to share for the month?

If you run out of links before the end of your membership cycle, you will be given an option to purchase more links.  When you membership reaches 30 days, your account will automatically renew adding links back to your account.

Are there any essential oil brands mentioned in the videos or movies?

No.  To remain FDA compliant and to help all of our users remain FDA compliant, we don’t mention, refer to or recommend any particular essential oil company.  All of the content in the website and application is for educating about essential oils and not promoting any essential oil company.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time by logging into your account, going to the account tab and click cancel.

Need a tutorial?

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