Emotions with Paul Bauer



Our guest today is Paul Bauer – Founder of DreamsAlive – a company dedicated to helping people discover and live their Dreams and passions. He’s the author of several programs such as Creating Abundance and the Secrets of Manifesting. He’s also the creator of a new program called Ener-Chi.

He and his wife Susan hold transformational retreats in Hawaii and Sedona that help people clear whatever stops them from living their lives with clarity, energy and abundance.  When Paul discovered Essential Oils, a whole new world of possibilities opened to him. He now uses Essential Oils in all his programs because of their incredible ability to heal at all levels – not just physical.

After using the oils for several years, Paul discovered the hidden levels of the oils and their incredible powers to clear unresolved emotions and stagnant Chi energy. It’s his passion to share these hidden levels of the oils with the world…


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