Does Carrot Seed Oil REALLY have a Detectable SPF?

I’ve been seeing all of the “natural sunscreen” posts that claim protection from the sun. After seeing the millionth unsubstantiated pintrest post I had to ask the question “Who says Carrot Seed oil has any SPF at all?”

I went in search of the source. Was there any scientific research I could find that would prove the protection and SPF of carrot seed or any other essential oil? The answer was a resounding “Yes!” I’m excited to share this research with you.

I self tested this as well after reading these articles. I took my carrot seed oil (daucus crota) and placed a few drops into unscented body lotion. This seemed to work really well as I didn’t burn when I was out in the sun. I, personally, reapplied it as you do normal sunscreen. . .every few hours if dry, every 45 minutes if swimming. If you have a better way please comment below.
The article features the other effects of carrot seed as well.
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The first article, and the most informative, can be found at: talks about the muscle relaxing effects of carrot seed oil