app tutorial

Select the membership level.  All membership levels are 50% off the first month.

Enter the required information.

After signing up you will be taken to your dashboard.  Make sure you write down your username and password.  If you do misplace it, you can reset it at the login page.

From the dashboard, you can watch videos, share videos, add or update contact info or update your account.

To watch videos anytime, click on the VIDEOS button in the dashboard and you’ll be taken to the video section.

To share a video, enter the contact information of the person you wish to send the video to in the contacts area.   Note:  You don’t have to fill in the person’s address.  Just their name, email and/or phone.

Next, go the video section, select the video by clicking the box directly underneath it, scroll down to the bottom and hit share.  That’s it.

To receive a notification of when someone clicks on the link you sent them, go to then Account Details in the dashboard.  You’ll see an option for notifications at the bottom of the page.

To view a report of all the links you’ve sent and to who, go the reports tab in the Dashboard.